Political Campaign Videos

Connect with Voters. Add Video to your Website.

Connections are forged when supporters see a candidate speak about who they are,
what they stand for, and how, if elected, their approach will improve constituents’ lives.

Candidates with modest budgets are no longer at a disadvantage because they can’t buy costly television ads. Campaign websites have become powerful and cost-effective broadcast platforms. With online video, your message is on the air day and night, whether supporters are at home, at work, or on the go!

At Folklore Media, we’ll show you how persuasive, easy and cost-effective campaign videos on your website, Facebook page and YouTube can be. From “Meet the Candidate” introduction videos to issue-specific spots, we will work with you to develop an online video strategy that is most effective for your message.

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If your outreach strategy doesn’t include online video, what are you waiting for?